Fire Retardants

Today it is very important to have a coating that has a fire retardant, either in public places or in our own homes.

To understand a little more why it is important, we will start by saying what fire retardants are and how they work.

Fire retardants are chemical compounds that significantly increase the flash point of items treated with them to reach above-normal temperature thresholds.

These limits vary depending on the retardant, but in any case the aim is to reduce the risk of fire.

When retardants are applied to materials, they are absorbed and eliminate the space for oxygen in order to stop the fire and its spread.

When the source of the fire continues in contact with the material impregnated by the retardant, the object burns much more slowly than usual, thus allowing us to put an end to the fire.

Generally, the application of fire retardants is useful in materials present in closed spaces with risks of combustion, such as places for recreation, lodging, dancing, entertainment, education, health, homes, offices, cinemas, theaters, boats, aircraft, transport , equipment for fire fighting and even in forests.